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Your opinion is very important. Watch these videos, which will provide you with important information in your business actions.

I invite you to join us and together create a solution that will benefit us.

Imperial Master Jeong-Soo Park

In the following video, Jeong-Soo Park tells us part of her work and business life and her actions as an entrepreneur, in addition to her failures
and successes and what were his beginnings in Atomy.

He explains to us about the quality of his products and how he became successful and that to be successful you have to build a solid network of consumers 
and win their trust.

He also tells us about the support received from its president or CEO Mr. Park.

ScreenHunter_3763 Feb. 15 16.14.jpg

Deog Woo Lee and Dae Woon Lee

His story in Network Marketing, his relationship as father and son, and his success at Atomy. 

ScreenHunter_3764 Feb. 15 17.32.jpg

Seung-Ill Kim and Gwang-Yeol Kim

They started their friendship looking for a job and they tell us why and how they started Atomy and how they became successful as friends. 

They tell us that first you have to believe in yourself and that you must be determined to succeed, focusing on starting with something that can be done immediately and becoming the best id._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Both of them reached the Imperial Master.


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